Audio Push's Hot 97 Freestyle Got Me Like :O

"Throw on the beats that the young kids are scared to rap on."

These young rappers didn’t want beats from DJ Premier. These young rappers wanted to be rockstars. I’m not a hater, let the kids live. Those who are too concerned with trying to get these kids to be something other than themselves are stuck in the past and will fade away. That said… this is hip hop, and you better damn believe that you better be coming with that A-Grade competition, snatching necklaces and running jewels when spitting these bars. Audio Push came out of the Inland Empire with guns blazing… like, sawed off shotguns , I think I saw one of them using Lil Uzi Vert as an actual Uzi, and eating Lil Yachty’s Hair like a bag of flaming hot cheetos. Make a billion “Broccoli’s” with D.R.A.M. but you better be making it the best damn sing-song tune about vegetables you can possibly make, because these kids are coming for your neck. You can be the sound of the day, or the sound of a generation… time will tell. 

Like I said, I’m not hating. This freestyle just got the fire burning in my chest. Let these kids make whatever kinda music they want, but I will be supporting anyone going hard any day too. If they wanna shake the game up, rip tendons with their syllables, splatter brains with their delivery, let it happen man. This is the Wild Wild West… anyone can become yesterday’s news. Who knows… Audio Push might be yesterday’s news waiting to happen, but they sound like they’re fighting with all their might to be tomorrow’s future. That’s all that matters. Jut go for broke. 

*Steps off soapbox*