The Art of Bill Sienkiewicz

I’ve been saving the art of Bill Sienkiewicz to a folder on my desktop ever since admiring his recent work on one of the latest Marvel Hip Hop covers. His latest is a take on King Mez’s “Long Live The King” album re-fitted to feature Black Panther. It works almost too well, as if Bill himself thought of the idea the whole time… the great part about these hip hop Marvel covers recently is how well they marry with the characters they are paired with. 

The people over at did an awesome blog post that just featured the below ink sketches to show that this was all the man needed to get to the finished album cover. 

Bill can be unorthodox in his comic art, often using oil paintings, collage, mimeograph and other forms. But honestly, I don’t feel like just writing on and on, let the pictures speak for themselves and give you a good kick in the face. Make sure to pick up your teeth on the way out.