Nx Worries New Single "Lyk Dis" Is Soulful Eroticism At It's Finest

Sidechain whipping around the speakers, leaving gashes the size of Slick Rick’s pendants in our eardrum canals… Knxwledge goes in with his production on Lyk Dis with Anderson .Paak soothing us with his soul cries. From old to new, .Paak always shines at marrying old soul with modern RnB styles. At 1m 30s his melody is clearly 90s inspired as well as the refrain “Everything you do, oh when you do it.” 

The warbly sample, cliche’d as all hell, beckoning a sexual groove is hypnotic enough to demand respect, it simply works. The kick drum clips most notably on it’s second hit of every beat, but with Knxwledge, such over the top compression is always welcome. With no deviation from the main loop, aside for a measure where it lets the string sample sing a little longer, it’s clear that Anderson is becoming a master of melody as he clearly carries the beat along with him and not the other way around. 

Lyk Dis is a soulful song of eroticism that is sure to ease an evening commute and set the tone for a special evening with that special someone.