My Opinion On Not Having An Opinion about Frank Ocean

“I don’t want to give no opinions.” That’s at least what I thought when I started this endeavor. And for the most part I still hold to that. These video essays you’re seeing from me, that’s the side of me that really really cares. This blog might be something else. It might be me just ranting and trying to figure out how all of this noise works. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve kinda been obsessed with a little bit of everything. Right now it’s music. I have a deep fascination with Kanye’s whole thing he’s had going on for the past twelve years. It’s a big reason why I started making these video essays. It just felt unhealthy to obsess about how much I liked something without making something constructive and educational out of it. There was something he said way back when he released The Life Of Pablo at Madison Square Garden that got me thinking…

Remember when he showed that trailer for that “video game” he made? About his mom? I thought it was fresh, others just kinda went “meh.” Kanye was having none of that. “Y’all act like this shit is regular!” He said. 

Part of me is like, “yo, chill Kanye, they ain’t gotta like the game. The other part of me is like… damn. It’s true. We walk around like everything is regular, got iPhones with Pokemon in our hands 100x more powerful than the desktop computers we had 20 years ago, and we still complaining when our Uber doesn’t show up on time. Something odd about that to me. It’s like we’re just eating and eating and eating, and we don’t even know if the food tastes good or anything anymore. New album drops, *gulp* done, what else you got? Next album, *gulp* done, what else you got?

That’s why I’m kind of glad that Frank Ocean made us all suffer and wait for this album to come out. And then when we all thought music was going to finally drop he just showed us a live streaming video of him cutting wood. Then the “album” dropped, or was it really the album? And then “Nikes” Dropped and then we heard that hypnotic beat while the homie was going “I got twooo versions” in the music video. Then we get “Blond” and “Boys Don’t Cry” and the internet at this point probably looks like a wasteland of dead horses while bloggers and twitter users beat them into the slushy, blood filled, crimson ground at this point.

What does “Blond” really say about Identity? I don’t really know yet. I might make an essay about that, really delve into what Frank is talking about. But right now, I don’t really feel like analyzing it. Something about the music is just telling me to wait. Or maybe that’s just me feeling way to full of this flash in the pan internet culture this week. 

“I will say though, I think “Nights” is the best track on here.” The way it builds, the melody just keeps building and evolving like a staircase up to this climax that doesn’t really explode but once you’re about 3 minutes in, it’s just pure emotion up there. Is this album overhyped? Hell yes it is. Are we thinking too deep about it? Probably. But we’re thinking, we’re at least acting like we care about it, at least for this week. So I gotta respect the homie Frank... he got kids to be patient for a year and some change.